Network Status

Higher Logic, the technology provider for Workspace, maintains a network status page at

In addition to the Higher Logic status page above, FieldComm Group maintains this page to inform of any issue related to FieldComm Group's application of Higher Logic workspace.

Workspace Status:


Date/Time Event
21 Aug 2023

Service Restored

20 Aug 2023

The Document Tree used to change directories Workspace Documents is not functioning properly.  As a work around, please use the expand all option to see all folders.

13 Aug 2021

Service restored

11 Aug 2021

Several buttons in the Workspace area are not functioning.  This may prevent you from changing folders or perform certain document activities.  The authorities have been contacted, and we are awaiting resolution.

6 Jan 2021

Prior anomalies are now resolved.

2 Oct 2020

Events are configured to remain in the Upcoming list until they end.  However, many events are being removed earlier.  HL has confirmed this issue.  Workaround is to visit the Events tab for a complete list of events.

2 Oct 2020

Events will reject Teams Meeting Urls  HL has confirmed this issue.  Workaround is to include the Teams URL in the text of the event.

2 June 2020, 9:45a CDT (Austin):   0-normal.png

Services are now restored.

2 June 2020, 8:00a CDT (Austin): 4-failure.png

We are aware of the issuing accessing the workspace tab.  We have notified our application provider and are working with them to restore service.

Network Status Symbols

Normal / No Errors
Maintenance Required (performance degraded but operational)
Out of Specification (functionality degraded with workarounds)
Function Check (functionality offline due to repair)
Failure (functional failure without workaround)